Creating a Facebook App is one of the requirements in order to use custom embeds and moderate comments  using the  WP Emed Facebook plugin. We bring you the step by step guide.


1. Login to Facebook

You will need this in order to create a developer account.

Login to Facebook

2. Developer account

A Facebook developer account is needed to get started. If you don’t have one upgrade your personal Facebook account to a Facebook Developer account. Please skip this step if you have already done this.

Create Developer Account

3. Create new Facebook App

To create a new Facebook app you just need to choose Apps  in the header navigation and select Add New App or use the button below.

Create new Facebook App

4. Choose a Name.

Choose a name for your app and select Create New Facebook ID. Once you’ve done this,  choose a category.


5. Follow “Quick Start” steps.

The quick start wizard is intended to help you to set up your Facebook app for the selected platform.

6. App Id

Your app will have a unique app ID. You can find it in your app’s dashboard.


7. App Secret

Facebook auto-generates an app secret associated with your application. The application secret should be treated like a password and you will need it to configure Wp Embed Facebook.


8. Facebook Settings

Once you’ve done this, the last step is to introduce your App ID and Secret onto the WP Embed Facebook “Magic Embeds” settings section.



You’re ready to fly with WP Embed Facebook.

Don’t forget to rate the plugin and have a good one!